I’m baaaaack!

September 16, 2010

And boy, has a lot changed. In the past few months there was a lot of introspection, followed by a whirlwind decision to up and quit my job, spend a month packing up my life in the States and saying goodbye to friends, and then ending up back home in Turin, Italy. So, here I am, by way of a couple pit stops in Madagascar, the Italian Alps and Istanbul. I’m not here permanently by any means. My mother and I both object rather fervently to the thought that I will be one of those adult children that just… lives at home. And scenic though Torino is, I think I’d be better living elsewhere in the long run. But I suddenly decided I wanted to work in Fashion Marketing, despite my oh-so-relevant background in law by way of Russian literature, and so I needed to shake things up. yes, yes, New York is a natural choice for the field, but by being in Turin (and close to Milan), I get to strengthen my Italian and milk the contacts I have in Italy. I’m applying to schools and jobs right now throughout Europe and the US, and I couldn’t be more excited about the things ahead of me.


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