Dia de los Muertos

November 2, 2010

Much as I utterly love Halloween, I’ve always just been the teeniest bit more intrigued by the Dia de los Muertos, with all the sugar skulls and other trappings. There seems to be a spirit to the holiday that I’d love to experience properly. I love the idea of celebrating one’s ancestors in a fun, humourous way, rather than it being the vaguely morbid affair that the All Souls’ Day celebrations tend to be in other countries.

I also really enjoy the fact that all the scariness is taken out of skulls and skeletons,  and that they’re made into something fun and cartoon-y instead. I’m sure there could still be sinister doings afoot during a Dia de los Muertos celebration (in fact I fervently hope there have been, because that would be awesome) but at the same time the way the decorations are done enures that the atmosphere is festive rather than creepy.

Non-sequiteur point being, I’m a big fan of these photos by  John Rees.  I think the styling of the models is great, and the story of the shoot makes me oh so happy.

I love this one… it’s rather terrifying until you look at it closely and realise what she is. Such a contrast to the warmth of some of the other ones.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!




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  2. This is f*ing rad and I love love the way you utilized the lighting

  3. […] I enjoy the creepy trappings of Halloween just as much as the next lady, but Dia de los Muertos has woven a morbid spell on my pumpkin pie lovin’ soul. Sugar skulls and joyful celebrations of life after death are a welcome change from Katy Perry costumes, y’know? This moody fashion editorial (brocade couch alert!) by photographer John Rees gets me in the mood for building altars and gooping together some papier-mâché skeletons. [Via Musie] […]

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