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Coveting 11.3.10

November 3, 2010

I would like this bookcase, please. Thanks. That will be all. Oh, and an apartment to put it in too, please. Think you can take care of that for me?



Chau Har Lee

April 30, 2010

The girls I work with are occasionally bemused by my taste in day-to-day footwear. Most of the time I’ll stick to ballet flats or classic pumps, but then on occasion I’ll bust out something tall and architectural that propels me well over 6 feet. I don’t think they realise that the craziest of the shoes I own is quite staid when compared to any single one of these beauties made by Chau Har Lee for her graduate collection last year.

Lee won loads of awards for her collection and is currently working at Marloes Ten Bhömer, which seems to me to be a perfect fit. I’m dying to see what comes from her next. I’d be happy to have created something along these lines as a sculpture alone, so to have it be functional is a dream!


Bitch don’t make me take my earrings off

March 16, 2010

These earrings by You gNeeK on Etsy solve the age-old problem of form vs. function. Have your cake, eat it too! Two birds, one stone! !!!

The store offers hundreds of delightfully geeky objects, such as a math clock I’m incredibly tempted to get for my boyfriend (PhD student in electrical engineering… ’nuff said) and lots of cool functional tools dressed up as aesthetically pleasing  jewelry.  I’m infinitely pleased by the spirit level necklace, but the violent pyro in me can’t keep her eyes off the infinitely cool dangerous toys, like the working folding knife earrings. Steampunk enthusiasts should forget their silly faux clockwork jewellery and turn to these instead. Nothing says gentlewoman-adventurer chic quite like working lighter earrings. Love them.

Tiny Folding Knife Earrings. $39.99

Vintage Gold Lighter Earrings. $49.99

Switchblade necklace. $34.99


2.20.10 Coveting

February 19, 2010

There is something about this room that has weirdly captivated me. I think I’ve returned to it at least 8 or 9 times since I first saw the slideshow the of the house (which is in itself entirely covetable. Anyone want to help me turn some poor Dutch family out of their awesome modern home so I can take up residence? I’ll buy you beer.)

I never thought I’d be this into a bathroom, of all things, but there’s something about the combination of the clean lines of the fittings against the big pane of glass that just makes me want to grab a glass of wine and a good book and lounge around in the tub all evening.

Here’s a picture of the house itself, and the orange kitchen counter, another attractor. I strongly encourage anyone inspired by this to go look at the rest of the slideshow.



2.18.10 Coveting

February 18, 2010

Did I mention I love Michelle Chang’s jewellery? Check out her snake rings and her skull bangle:

Open Mouth Snake Ring, $216

Double Baby Snake Ring, $136

Baby Skull Bangle, $64 (This might have to be the next piece of hers I acquire)

I also love her Baby Skull Ring, and her Baby Kitty Studs for a touch of sweetness.


Presenting: Obywatel Kane

January 11, 2010

I’ve been thinking about movie poster design lately, and kept finding my mind being brought back to this Polish poster for Citizen Kane. It’s not the my usual style, but I think it’s so much unexpected fun. I’d expect this to be something of a spoof piece, designed recently, rather than an actual one-sheet for the film. Polish film posters always have such charming twists to them, and a great style (not to mention the personal nerdy pleasureI get out of sounding out the Polish words and trying to decipher them… ahhh the joy of having been a Russian major). I’ll try to feature more of them soon.


October 8, 2009


In the running for best movie poster ever.