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Slouching Towards Bethlehem

October 8, 2011

I saw this portrait of Joan Didion by Annie Leibovitz on the Vanity Fair website and instantly fell in love. It’s truly remarkable how this image manages to conjure up the same emotions that I’ve always felt when reading her work, a mixture of dreaminess and serenity, interwoven with a strong, unshakeable sense of dread. I first saw it a few hours ago, and it’s stuck with me, her strange, alien gaze creeping into the back of my mind at the oddest of moments. I don’t think I could expect anything less of her.




October 21, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows the recipe for appealing to my aesthetic: dark, preferably some sort of urban dystopia, with good lashings of dress-up and make-believe. Tattered finery and all that. Throw in carnival references and freaks of any kind, and you’ve made me a very happy girl.

This is why I was so pleased to come across Steven Meisel’s Neverland editorial in an old issue of Vogue Italia I found while clearing out the junk that’s accumulated in my room over the past 10 years. It’s such a great combination of carny-freak and playing dress-up. I love the grimy setting, I love the colour palette, I love the fact that in a weird way it’s almost believable. A couple of the clown suits aside, I wouldn’t be overly surprised to stumble across a colony of people playing circus make-believe in a junkyard. I could even see myself doing it, with the right group of friends.

(ok, this picture I’m less pleased by… unsure if it’s because I’m irrationally irritated by his juggling, or by the preciousness of his tiny useless scarf.)


I love everything in this photo… the mask, the blouse, the tights. I’d wear them all in a heartbeat. (With a skirt, obvi.)

Ren-Faire warrior bard? This is giving me serious flashbacks to one of my favourite fantasy series from when I was a nerdy young thing.

The fact is, every time I look at this editorial I get the phrase “Lost Boys” stuck in my head while I look for a way to describe it. I think this shoot is a great modern take on the theme.

Of COURSE they have a drum.



I imagine her as the ice-princessy girl who hardly ever speaks, but who everyone is a little bit in love with.

Anyhow, i’m off to pile on costume jewelry and scour my closet for beautiful falling-apart things. Or maybe I’ll just curl up and daydream about fairytales. Regardless, I love this display of the magic and weirdness that can be found in ugly little corners of the world.


Inspiration 9.20.10

September 20, 2010

I’m so very much in love with this page from Vogue Hommes Japan 5. I’m completely inspired by the palette, with the shades of cream and pink and red against the charcoals and other shades of gray. It’s a very painterly effect– I had to hold the screen of my laptop to make sure it was in fact a photograph and not a painting, and I’m still inclined to hedge. I love the androgyny of the model, with the almost surprising discovery that he is male despite the pinks and the sheers and the lace and his delicate arm. It’s Caravaggio with a splatter of yellow and a grey fuzzy toy stuck into the frame. Instead, just good ol’ Matthew Stone, who I want to revisit later. I’m almost tempted to go track down the magazine for the sole purpose of tearing this page out to put up on my wall. Gorgeous.


PS, because I like to overshare and you are big boys and girls who can click on something else if you don’t care: Now that I’m in Parts European, the number order for the date caused me AAAAGONY, hopeless neurotic that I am. 9.20.10 or 20.9.10? All those silly little differences that never even come close to entering one’s thoughts are now ISSUES for me. I really need a life. Anyone hiring? Pretty please?


Future vintage

March 9, 2010

There’s something satisfyingly retro-Barbie-future-chic about this cover shot of Sasha Pivarova. It looks like a still from a Barbarella spinoff. Our fearless heroine here could be another emissary from Planet Earth sent to explore the universe to see what other exciting discoveries can be brought back from backwards planets. She doesn’t seem to possess the charm and spunkiness of Jane Fonda, though, and she seems like she might be in some sort of distress in this picture, so this imaginary film of mine might be doomed to the cult shelf of an indie video store. Students would check it out to laugh at the cheesy plot and to coo over the awesome outfits. Sorry, Sasha, you’re no Barbarella. But you do clean up awful nice.

Sasha Pivarova by Steven Meisel for the cover of Vogue Italia, March 2007.



Hand in Glove

March 9, 2010

Natasha Poly by David Sherry for Muse.




February 26, 2010

I’ll happily admit I may have shrieked a little bit when I saw these scans. This editorial throws together two of my very favourite things– ultimate Texan goddess Jerry Hall and the USSR– and the combination is so exciting that I can’t help but giggle to myself with glee. Throw in some horses, some camels, and some Soviet statuary, and I’m in heaven. It’s like the shoot was done with me in mind.

Did I mention she’s a goddess?

Jerry Hall by Norman Parkinson for Vogue January 1976.



January 9, 2010

God, remember when Kate Moss looked like this?

All photos by Corinne Day, for her Fifteen exhibition.