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January 2, 2012

I’m floored by the beauty of these time-lapse photographs of golden butterflies in Japan. Their neon trails against the backgrounds creates images that look almost as if they were done with brushstrokes. I’m so inspired.

It looks dizzying and psychedelic. I love it.

Also, happy New Year’s, everyone! I’ve decided to stop being a bad blogger this year. What are your thoughts on 2012?



Coveting 10.13.10

October 13, 2010

Dear Gareth Pugh,

If you could just messenger me over the following looks from your new collection, that would be great. You’ve even sold me on the colour white.



(Seriously, I would sell my baby brother for this jacket.  Sorry Charles. I love you and all, but I’m a sucker for asymmetrical closures and interesting peplums.)

Sleek, black, vaguely armour-like. WANT.

Disco cyborg. Hate the leggings, covet the dress.

This is so cool and android-at-a-Ren-faire-y. I want to twirl around in it.

I think my other brother might have to be exchanged for this jacket. Sorry, Max. Your charms are no match for metallic drapey awesomeness.

So, Gareth, what do you think? Do we have a deal? My undying love and two brothers in exchange for your awesome clothing?

What do you mean, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting much out of it?

So cruel of you, Gareth. I thought you were better than that.

[via where you will also find awesome menswear looks which I ignored in my selfish focus on my own imaginary wardrobe.]

And inspiration to revisit the collection thanks to Gene!



Film Still

December 30, 2009

Actually just one of David Terraza‘s beautiful photographs of Madrid, but doesn’t it look like the beginning to a story? It’s so perfect, it’s almost clichéd. The scene, any scene, just writes itself.



November 12, 2009

Bianca Jagger


Anouk Aimee

October 27, 2009



Dressed Down

October 26, 2009


I feel like this portrait of Daria by Hedi Slimane is pretty close to the Platonic ideal of casual beauty that all things like Gap ads and so on shoot for. I never really noticed before quite how beautiful her face is. Obviously I was aware that she is beautiful, but it had not really struck me until now.The contrast against the sloppy clothing really brings it out. Hedi is usually able to bring out new details from his subjects, though, so this revelation ought to come as no suprise. I’m really quite fond of this photograph.

Daria Werbowy by Hedi Slimane for Paris Vogue August 2007.



Minutes to Midnight

October 23, 2009


There’s something about Trent Parke‘s photography that reminds me of David Lynch’s movies, particularly Inland Empire. I think it’s his use of unusual lighting. It gives his photos that sense of normalcy gone terribly, terribly twisted that I see throughout Lynch’s work. Parke’s pictures are wonderfully thought-provoking. I love how he manages to evoke this sense of motion and dreaminess, just through his use of lighting, until the subject becomes almost abstracted.

I’m not going to quote this directly, as I can’t find the source, but I could swear that I saw an interview with Parke where he talked about his inspiration for photographing his work, Minutes to Midnight, coming from a quote about the Australian lack of innocence, and wanting to document the process through which it happened. In order to do this, he took a roadtrip around Australia with his wife (photographer Narelle Autio) for two years, and just took pictures of everything he saw. The results are stunning.

The pictures I’ve put up come from his series “Minutes to Midnight”, “Dream/Life” and “The Seventh Wave”. He started shooting in colour, but I found I preferred the moodiness of his black-and-white photos.

















Find more of his work here and here.