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O Dia do Maracatu

October 29, 2009



Brazilian photographer Carlos Cajueiro took these pictures of the preparations for the maracatu rural performance in the village of Nazare da Mata in Pernambuco, in the Northeast of Brazil. He says that its his first year taking close portraits of the people involved in the festival. Previously, he would just take pictures of the preparations and dancing for further away. I think the results are just wonderful. The colours of the costumes and the expressions on their faces are really gorgeous.

I first heard about maracatu in Portuguese class, and I’ve been dying to see it ever since. It’s a performance form originating in Congo, and from what I can glean, contains costumes and elements designed to represent the history of royalty and slavery. Fascinating.













We Fight, We Dance

October 1, 2009


Erwin Olaf‘s series, “We Fight, We Dance”, underscores what fascinates me most about dancing: the extreme physicality that lies underneath the grace and beauty seen up on stage. The pieces were commissioned for the Nederlands Dans Theater, a performance group started to have a modern dance outlet separate from the more classical Dutch National Ballet. I think the tone of the photographs perfectly suit the group’s philosophy. Here is dance without the trappings, just the realities of sweat and muscles. I also find the photographs grotesquely beautiful, in line with Olaf’s usual subversive tone. Overall, I think these might be some of my favourite pictures of dancers.


Erwin Olaf2

Erwin Olaf3

Erwin Olaf4


Erwin Olaf5




Off duty

August 25, 2009




La casa dov’e’?

July 8, 2009

I’m a bit biased in favour of these pictures, because they were all taken in the bustling metropolis of Turin, Italy, from whence I hail. Isn’t a particularly exciting city, but clearly it is home to unexpected beauties.

See for yourselves:

turin 1

turin 2

turin 3

turin 4

turin 5

turin 6

turin 7

turin 8

turin 9

Man, am I ever homesick. Isn’t that last little old lady a strong contender for the title of cutest thing on earth? In the summertime, when all the Bright Young Things desert the city for the beach, the old people come out and take over the city. The men wear black knee socks pulled up over their knobby old legs and dark Bermuda shorts, and the little old ladies wear beautiful flowered housedresses and clogs. They sit in the piazzas and gossip, or slowly hobble through the narrow, narrow streets. It’s one of my favourite sight of the year.

All photos come from Konrad’s flicker photostream. I highly urge further perusal. He has so many wonderful shots that I had to restrain myself to the Turin pictures simply to avoid having a hundred-item post!

And, in fine, I would prove myself a slatternly blogmistress were I not to provide readers with a cheesy Italian rap song about home to finish this post off:

Jovanotti – Questa รจ la mia casa

(I actually do Jovanotti a great disservice by referring to him as cheesy. He’s awesome. I saw him perform here in New York this March and danced my butt off, in a room full of ecstatic Italians. I highly urge you to check out more of his music, if you can deal with furrin languages.)