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Thomas Doyle’s Small Worlds

September 8, 2009

Let me tell you, when I was in elementary school, I could make a mean diorama. If there was a background to be coloured-pencilled in to the back of a shoebox, I was there. Historical re-enactments, scientific processes, even story arcs in our literature classes. Everything that could be reduced to figurine size was. My dioramas were works of sheer majesty.

Despite my stellar background in this arena, when I look at Thomas Doyle‘s works, I get a creeping feeling in the back of my head that, however miraculously, he just might have surpassedme. I know, it is hard to think that anything could best the praise-garnering “T-Rex vs. Allosaur,” but his mastery with little figures leaves my use of plastic dinosaur toys seeming, at best, a tad juvenile.

I’m only going to show you a few images from his series, but I strongly urge you to go to his site and poke through the rest. They’re enchanting peeks into ant-sized worlds, fraught with tension and chock full of impending doom. If you love small things as much as I do, you’re a shoo-in. The small size of the figures make you feel as though you’re getting a privileged view into intensely private situations. It’s simultaneously voyeuristic and extremely intimate. If you’re not as instantly drawn to the “ooh! Tiny!” factor, give them a shot anyway. They’re quite poignant looks at life and deeds and memory, rendered all the more tragic by their scale.

Acceptable Losses:







The Reprisal:










Elephants never forget.

April 15, 2009

Inspired by one of my favourite animals, I searched for “elephants” on Etsy. Here’s a smattering of cool finds from the pages and pages of results:


I’ve been lusting after this necklace from Untamed Menagerie for a while. I love most of the designs from that shop, but this necklace in particular has a touch of fantasy that delights me. Also, I love bows, I love new takes on pearls, and I love elephants. Might have to get it. I go back to look at it often enough.


This particular take on the mighty elephant, from Sarah Jane Studios, introduces another favourite element: the bunny. It’s a little sweeter and more childlike than I generally openly admit to being in to, but I have strongly considered purchasing these cards– for letters to the dearest friends only. Or perhaps to keep up on my wall at work and to look at when I want to see something utterly cute.


I might have to have a child just to have the excuse to put this growth chart up on my wall. Or snatch one, perhaps. (Child, not growth chart. It’d probably be a little more difficult to get my hands on the growth chart, as I don’t know where they’re made. The child I can obtain just by hanging out in Park Slope any day of the week.) Animals of Africa, en masse. Lovely. From Janey Mac.


Elephant bling! From PreciousCharm.


I find this pair absolutely adorable, and they soon just might find themselves winging their way into my collection of tchotckes. The simple lines give the figurines a surprising amount of personality, and the patterns on the paper are beautiful, and have just the perfect amount of ethnic feel. Plus I’m a sucker for anything that comes in pairs, with a big one and a little one. From Gypsy and Twink, one of my new favourite stores.


Small, cute, stylized, practical. I’ve been thinking about this little guy for a while. Too bad I have too many keys to be able to truly show off a keychain this great. From Leather Prince.


And finally, this elephant tile from Biat Work. It would make for a cool, unexpected addition to any grouping of paintings. A fine way to immortalise this glorious beast on your way.

There are, of course, many more offerings of the elephantine variety, but I am afraid I shall have to leave them for you to look for, dear reader.

Oh, but I can’t talk about elephants without a mention of my very favourite one, an old childhood friend: