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Ol rait!

March 11, 2010

I spent a large part of this past week revisiting Italian music from the sixties and seventies. Most of this exercise just made for endless amusement, but there was one standout: Adriano Celentano’s Prisencolinensinainciusol. Celentano is one of Italy’s most enduring and inventive rock stars. He was tremendously inspired by American rock, but wanted to find a way to bring an Italian spin to it. Prisencolinensinainciusol is a song he made with nonsense-words, meant to sound the way English does to a foreigner. He’s making the point that love and music are the universal language. The result of this artistic experiment? An awesome, inventive song with a fresh, catchy beat, set to a truly fun and inspiring video. And… a song that is basically rap, years before rap hit the US airwaves. Not too shabby. I’ve been watching this video and listening to this song practically on repeat since I discovered it. Do yourselves a favour and give it a listen.



February 18, 2010



October 13, 2009


Was listening to Different Class this morning, and was reminded of just how breathlessly I loved Pulp and Jarvis (we’re on first name terms, you know) when I was quite young. I think Pulp might have actually been the first non-pop band I actually discovered by myself, without being told by my parents to listen to something. To give my parents credit, they have fabulous taste in music, so I got a quite thorough grounding in things that are good to listen to. Still, Pulp was all mine. Their music proved to me that I could track down something special all by myself. The fact that Jarvis Cocker was a skinny skinny dreamboat at the time (he’s looking a little unwashed and overly hairy these days) didn’t hurt either.

And as we’re going down musical memory lane, you should all know that the actual first CD I bought myself was CrazySexyCool, by TLC. I liked the cover. Followed closely by Dookie. Dating myself, aren’t I?

Enough reminiscing. Off to work.


La casa dov’e’?

July 8, 2009

I’m a bit biased in favour of these pictures, because they were all taken in the bustling metropolis of Turin, Italy, from whence I hail. Isn’t a particularly exciting city, but clearly it is home to unexpected beauties.

See for yourselves:

turin 1

turin 2

turin 3

turin 4

turin 5

turin 6

turin 7

turin 8

turin 9

Man, am I ever homesick. Isn’t that last little old lady a strong contender for the title of cutest thing on earth? In the summertime, when all the Bright Young Things desert the city for the beach, the old people come out and take over the city. The men wear black knee socks pulled up over their knobby old legs and dark Bermuda shorts, and the little old ladies wear beautiful flowered housedresses and clogs. They sit in the piazzas and gossip, or slowly hobble through the narrow, narrow streets. It’s one of my favourite sight of the year.

All photos come from Konrad’s flicker photostream. I highly urge further perusal. He has so many wonderful shots that I had to restrain myself to the Turin pictures simply to avoid having a hundred-item post!

And, in fine, I would prove myself a slatternly blogmistress were I not to provide readers with a cheesy Italian rap song about home to finish this post off:

Jovanotti – Questa è la mia casa

(I actually do Jovanotti a great disservice by referring to him as cheesy. He’s awesome. I saw him perform here in New York this March and danced my butt off, in a room full of ecstatic Italians. I highly urge you to check out more of his music, if you can deal with furrin languages.)


May 8, 2009

smith mapplethorpe

Pretty thoughts to start your day. Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, New York, 1969. By Norman Seeff.


Good morning!

May 7, 2009


Thought everyone could use a little oddity to start off their day. Colette Calascione is an artist who makes strange, beautifully detailed paintings. I love the antiquated feel and the surreal subject matter. I’d love to wander into the world of her paintings for a day and just poke around. It seems like it would located somewhere between a carnival side-show and a Victorian cabinet of curiosities, with just a quiet hint of menace… exactly the thing to appeal to my depraved imagination. Enjoy!







See more of her work here.


And she was…

May 6, 2009

I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day, so I thought I’d put up this picture. One of my favourite shots of David Byrne, though there are so many great ones that it’s hard to choose.

david-byrne-1[via Digital Observations. Was unable to find the original source.]

It makes me think of a Man Ray picture… I just frantically Googled to make sure it wasn’t in fact a Man Ray photo, and then I realised that simple chronology made that near impossible. Then I smacked myself in the forehead.

ALSO, beyond simply being of a really amazing person, the picture gets extra-special coolness props for including other favourite elements of mine, being chairs and peeling paint. This picture is pure and utter bliss

The song responsible for it all: