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She hit pause

April 28, 2010

I bought the picture above at some holiday fair as a Christmas present for my stepfather. He likes the sea, art and pretty girls, so I figured it would be a good match. The picture was duly wrapped, presented, appreciated. Pretty girls + the sun were a win yet again. Done.

For some reason, though, I held on to the photographer’s business card, and kept on returning to his site to look at the shots. There’s something about the dreamy quality of these weathered Polaroids that brings up instant thoughts of half-destroyed vintage magazines and slow-motion summer afternoons. On his website, the shots are described as photographer Matt Schwartz’ “version of the pin-up girl,” and I can’t agree more. Their lazy sensuality is wonderfully captured on film in a sort of Endless Summer. I’d give anything to know the story behind all these shots.

Matt Schwartz for She Hit Pause Studios.


Coveting 3.8.10

March 8, 2010

I know, I know, I know that spring is almost here, but it’s still a bit chilly in New York and I couldn’t resist this final shout-out to cold weather attire. I’m ordinarily as desperate as anyone to shed my winter layers, but this coat is just charming enough that it reminds me of the allure the colder months can have– if one is thinking of them in the midst of an August heatwave, that is. The detailing is so like something one would don for a tromp through the woods– or urban jungle, for that matter– in a grown-up fairy tale. I can’t bear to think of buying it now, but I’ve bookmarked it for perusal in late August, when I know I’ll be sick at the thought of yet another sundress.

Double-breasted Wool Olga Coat from Reddoll‘s store. $395.

Fortunately, her store also contains a sundress that might just have to worm its way into my wardrobe, in preparation for those sultry summer months. Isn’t it perfect for throwing on on a sultry summer afternoon? I’m daydreaming about lazy beers on a blanket in a park with a friend, followed by dancing. Yes. That needs to happen.

Summer is far too far away….

Pretty Magdalena Pleated Dress. $175.