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Slouching Towards Bethlehem

October 8, 2011

I saw this portrait of Joan Didion by Annie Leibovitz on the Vanity Fair website and instantly fell in love. It’s truly remarkable how this image manages to conjure up the same emotions that I’ve always felt when reading her work, a mixture of dreaminess and serenity, interwoven with a strong, unshakeable sense of dread. I first saw it a few hours ago, and it’s stuck with me, her strange, alien gaze creeping into the back of my mind at the oddest of moments. I don’t think I could expect anything less of her.



Chip Willis

February 18, 2010

Chip Willis’ photographs make me think of dreamy stills from some dark, subtitled movie about despair and explorations of one’s Self through mindless wanderings and moody anonymous sex. Otherwise known as the entire cinematic output of any given European country between 1950 and the present, discounting a couple comedies about soccer.  Or the complete contents of my DVD collection when I was 18 and pretentious. Still, I love films like that, and I’d love to see one that contained the images below– I’m thinking something along the lines of L’Avventura?

See more of his pictures on his website and his blog (VERY NSFW… I made the mistake of looking at it to get these pictures, and had to keep on frantically scrolling down, looking over my shoulder in case the office manager walked by. Eek. )


Charlotte Forever

October 6, 2009






October 6, 2009




October 3, 2009


I’m loving this shoot featuring Coco Rocha in Vogue Korea October 2009. The clothing in it self is highly covetable (I would kill for the black skirt!) but I also think that the crazy hair highlights the beauty of Coco’s face in a way I haven’t entirely seen before. I also enjoy the whole vibe of the shoot– the quirkinesses add charm, but aren’t taken far enough to become twee. The shoot is by Tony Kim, who also photographed her for Vogue Korea August 2009, with vastly different results.


The shoes used are ridiculously hot– anyone know who/what they are? And if there’s a knockoff that won’t cost me a month’s rent? I just had to pay a locksmith my first-born child to get me into my apartment after I locked myself out with a pot of water on the stove, so I have to watch out for expenses at the mo’, but would love love love a pair of heels like this.

01 Coco Rocha for Vogue Korea October 2009






06 Coco Rocha for Vogue Korea October 2009


More Tao

October 2, 2009

As predicted, Tao Okamoto continues to be feted– so much so that Vogue Nippon does the unheard-of and dedicates their entire November 09 issue to her. (Also monumental bc they haven’t featured a Japanese model on the cover in years…) A whole slew of famous photographers contributed their take on her beauty. Here’s my favourite editorial, shot by Inez and Vinoodh.



01 Vogue Nippon November 2009


Brooke Shields is a Goddess.

September 24, 2009

Seriously, check out her shots from the May issue of Australia’s Kurv magazine. The woman is 44. I hope to be half that hot when I’m her age.


Not crazy about her being tagged a cougar, as I loathe the term, but just… wow. She’s crazy hot.








(The Blonds corset!!! Yay!)