Coveting 3.10.10

March 10, 2010

This photo’s original intent  was to showcase the basket, but I really just want that fireplace, the ceiling and these walls in my life. I want them in the living room of my imaginary summer house. Across from the fireplace there will be a window that looks out over a garden and down into the sea. The garden has big bushes of lavender in it, and in the summertime bees fly lazily through them. The house itself is located up on a hillside, but you can pick your way down a rocky path to a little cove, unknown to anyone on the island. The beach there is rocky, but it gives way to sand, and we have a little dinghy anchored a little ways out, that we can take around to the other islands. Some days we put on masks and go diving off the rocks further out to hunt for sea urchins, which we crack open and eat on the beach with the rest of the lunch we brought down with us. When it gets a bit chilly, we wrap big faded striped towels around ourselves and race up the hill back to the house. Everyone collapses laughing onto the  couch in a tangle of tanned limbs and we sit there and gab until someone gets up the energy to wander into the kitchen for dinner fixings. At night we drink a bit too much wine and sit out in the garden and wonder at how dark it gets away from city lights.

Sound good?


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